I just checked the press conference of Khwaja Asif with respect to Shoukat Khannum Endowment Investment and role of some shady director, once I posted that in my facebook account I got a lot of replies from my PTI supporters friends defending it. However best thing is to approach what Khan sahab reply is instead of whining on same things.

After watching Khan sb reply I don’t know why he answered X when real question was Y. Having work experience in finance in similar type of entities and very similar environment, some questions were raised in my mind

1. Why on earth he used Endowment fund of such respected institution for risky shell Companies from Tax Havens?

2. He gave reference to Harvard Endowment fund but I was unable to find its or any other institution endowments invested in the shell Companies in Tax Havens

3. He was talking of personal guarantee from Hayderi sb but whats the real worth of that guy and was it checked before going into deal?

4. Has the loss incurred during in the Real estate transactions been redeemed?

5. Was there any agreement of these deals/ transactions?

6. On what moral ground a person from same endowment Board is investing in his own Company?

7. Was the other board members failed to understand what was motive of investment in a Board member’s Company and transaction?

8. Why that guy is still in Board after failing in this deal or contradicting the principles on which he was suppose to act as independent member on board?

9. Why he didn’t followed a generally accepted principle which is followed in most of Endowments funds to invest in low yield but low risk investment rather than this risky investment in Tax Haven Shell Company?

10. Why is it that your representatives and also PTI party holders are saying this again and again that investment was done by donation from outsiders, so does it means that you mismanage the funds and donations from overseas Pakistanis like this? How is it justification for the mismanagement of fund, that fund was from outside Pakistan and not Zakat Sadqaat, while inside Pakistan its different?

There are and may be many questions too so I don’t think its exhaustive list of question! Please note that these questions are irrespective of any political affiliation, instead they are raised to see more transparency in this great institution built for the needy cancer patients for which I my self and many of my friends are donors and they know about it very well!

My Ruling on Family Gate

Dear Bahria Town official give some plots to Talat Hussain, too much jealousy is surrounding him.

Dear Talat Hussain stop telling people that Sraford is Media company rather it is Global Intelligence Company sharing data with CIA and other Intelligence agencies headed by person who was also involved in investigation of Israel’s President assassination (I am not challenging him of his job :-)) and Ossama Bin Ladin where abouts, (BTW its representative from Pakistan (couple of names are given including yours) also claimed that 13 main officials of Pakistan know where about of OBL)

Dear People living in Bahria Town people who are living there don’t stay calm, watch carefully while you pay your next service charges because now you may also have load shedding…

Dear regulators and law makers for God sake regulate the Real state sector (even NGOs), stop registering Housing societies on about century old Societies Act of 1860 or as Companies Ordinance 1985 instead form more accountable or public transparent law if not use the same formula used in 1985 by Zia Copy and paste UK Companies Act of 1985 but without deleting the clauses effecting the elites.

Dear Bahria Town management specially Malik Riaz, please spend some of the advance money on the neglected projects of Awami Villas and other projects for poor it is more sacred then your daily “Dastarkhoan” for poors.

Dear Malik Riaz also stop adding the advance money you received from customer on your net worth, this is the only reason you were not picked up by Forbes Magazine. Also stop dreaming of controlling the powers like Rothchilds, they were jews who had no home, you have your own home where many of your coming “Malaks” generation can enjoy, beleive me you can enjoy more because people do admire you on your projects.

Dear Chief Justice you already did too much jokes on missing people, now Arsalan’s another uncle Justice Javed Iqbal is doing same, so use your judicial powers to reach the matter instead of getting emotional and tensed on Arsalan “Putar” Case.

Dear Justice Javed Iqbal banday da putar bun ya phir “nai” bun don’t do sarcastic jokes on dead people or at-least stay quiet.

Dear COAS sb only one sentence “Live a life like soldier and tell your Pals in ISI too i.e. defending Country from threats, not threatening its common Public”

I think its enough of ruling if someone has to give!

So here we have the very new and very vibrant young new comers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who will for sure bring change, justice, equality in the society. So please before you pass on any blasephaemous comments on His Highness Imran Khan or his other colleges from (old days) remember the below brief profile of members of PTI (previously members of other clean parties).

1 Abdul Rasheed Bhatti Lahore PPPP Ex. MPA Raiwind PP-161 .
2 Arbab Dost Muhammad Khan Pershawar PPPP Cousin of Communication . . Minister Arbab Alamgir Khan (PPPP)
3 Asghar Khan Khalil Peshawar PPPP Brother of Yasin Khan Khalil
4 Barrister Mansoor Sarwar Narowal PMLN Son of MNA Ch. Sarwar Khan, . . . PMLN
5 Brigadiar Rahat Amanullah Bhatti, Mureed K. PPPP Ex-Ticket Holder PP-. . 162
6 Capt. (R) Nisar Akber Khan Faisalabad PPPP Ex MNA NA-82
7 Capt. Javaid Haripur (Cousin of Gohar Ayub)
8 Chaudhry Ishfaq Taj Shakargarh PMLN Ex-MNA
9 Chaudhry Shahid Akram Bhinder Gujranwala PMLQ Former Federal . . Minister for Law & Justice, MNA (2002);
10 Commander (R) A. Qayyum Khan Attock PMLN Ex Ticket Holder
11 Dilawar Shah Roghani Peshawar Husband of Ex Provincial Health Minister, . . . Mrs. Mehr Taj Roghani
12 Dr Mehr Taj Roghani Peshawar Ex. Provincial Health . Minister (from 2002-2008)
13 Faiz Ullah Khan Kamoka Faisalabad PPPP Nazim Faisalabad
PP-68 . . . . . 19417
14 Farooq Amjad Meer Lahore PMLN Ex MNA, Lahore Naib Nazim NA-127
15 Hamid Sarwar Lahore PMLN Ex Nazim, General Secretary District Lahore . . . PMLN
16 Hassan Abdal Attock PMLN Ex. President PMLN District Attock
17 Ifthikar Ahmed Soomro Shikarpur PPPP Ex. MPA (85-88) Brother of Elahi B. Soomro ( Ex Federal Minister & Speaker NA) PS-10
18 Iftikhar Hussain Karachi PPPP Contested NA-239 in 2002 Elections . NA-239
19 Major (R) Javed Nasrullah FErozwala Ex Tehsil Nazim
20 Malik Sohail Khan Kamrial Attock PMLN / RUNNER UP 2002 NA-
21 Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar Lahore PPPP NA-128
22 Masood Ahmed Bhatti Kasur Yaqoob Sethi Votes in 2008 PP-175 23 Mehmood Jan Khan Peshawar PMLQ Ex Ticket Holder PF-7
24 Mian Muhammad Azhar Lahore PMLQ Ex MNA, Ex.Governor of . . . . Punjab, Ex Mayor Lahore, Ex President PMLQ.
25 Mr. Ashfaq Tarar Gujranwala Nephew of Ex. President, Mr. Rafiq . . . Tarar.
26 Muhammad Mazhar Saeed Nankana Sahib (NA-135, PP-171 District . . . . . . . Nankana Sahib) NA-135
27 Muhammad Shawaiz Khan Attock PMLN Ex. Tehsil Nazim
28 Nadeem Abbas Gujrat PMLN Ex Ticket Holder for Provincial Assembly . . . . (2002) PP-111
29 Naseer Khan Charsadda Ex-MPA, KPK
30 Nawabzada Umar Farooq Hoti Mardan ANP Son of Mr. Nawabzada . . . . Khwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti, MNA ANP
31 Nayyab Hayat Babar Nowshera PPPP Nephew of Ex. Interior Minister, Major . General Naseerullah Babar
32 Noor Muhammad Bhabha Vehari PPPP MNA / Contested PP-238 in 2008,
33 Qurban Ali Khan Nowshera PPPP Ex-MPA (2002), Runner up in 2008 with . . . 7753 Votes (ANP’s Pervez Ahmed 9531) PF-16 8691
34 Rai Aziz Ullah Khan Sahiwal PMLQ Ex MNA NA-162
35 Raja Nadir Pervaiz Faisalabad PMLN Ex MNA NA-85
36 Sardar Aqil Umer Lahore PMLQ Ex Ticket Holder (2008) NA- . .
37 Sardar Arif Rasheed Lahore PML Ex MPA, Ticket holder on NA- PMLQ NA-129
38 Sardar Kamil Umer Lahore PMLN Ex Ticket Holder NA-128
39 Sardar Muhammad Ali Attock PMLQ Ex. MPA, PMLQ (2002) . PP-17 41770
40 Sardar Mumtaz Khan Basal Attock PMLN , Ex. Ticket Holder PMLN (2008)
41 Shahbaz Kisana Faisalabad PMLN Ex Ticket Holder and Activist NA-71
42 Shahzada Nisar Ahmad Jilani Chitral PPPP PPP candidate for MPA, . . . District Chitral PF-90
43 Sheikh Mian Abdul Ghaffar Lahore PMLN Ex Chairman Town Committee, . . Raiwind.
44 Shakir Zareen Gul District Mansehra PPPP Nephew of Ex-MNA Zargul . . Khan
45 Syed Ejaz Hussain Bukhari Attock MMA Ex. MPA, PML and secured 24808 against PPPP’s 30875 PP-15 .
46 Zafarullah Marwat, Laki Marwat PMLN Ex-MPA PF-47 Zar Gul Khan Mansehra NDF Ex-MPA, NDF PF-58 7
48 Zareen Gul Charsadda NDF Ex-MPA, NDF
49 Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed (Jamat Isalami to PTI then to PML Q then again PTI land mafia in Lahore)
50 Ijaz Ch (Ex Myar Lahore defaulter of billion kicked from JI on corruption),
51 Aijaz Jazi (PML N, PML Q, , jua addas and wine supplier in RWP
52 Shah mahmood Quraishi,
53 Azam Swati
54 Khursheed kasuri (musharraf’s player)
55 Nawabzada Aurangzeb Hoti, a drug smuggler who served 3yr jail
56 Jamal Leghari ex-Senator PMLQ
57 Awais Leghari ex-MNA PMLQ
58 JehangirTareen ex-MNA PMLQ
59 Ghulam Sarwar Khan ex-MNA PMLQ
60 Dr GG Jamal ex-MNA PMLQ
61 Sikander Khan Bosan ex-MNA PMLQ
62 Ghulam Sarwar Cheema ex-MNA PMLQ
63 Ishaaq Khan Khakwani ex-MNA PMLQ
64 Senator Sadia Abbasi ex-Senator PMLQ
65 Shabbir Jokhio Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) leader from Memon Goth in Gadap Town

I obtained this from couple of people in facebook page dialogue. But still Please add some new comers in comments so it can be updated and revolution can move a head with updated status!

Also enjoy and don’t miss the upcoming “revolution” promo.

(A brilliant post on a recent event on social media “featuring” Christine Fair, cross posted from Le Pakistan Potpourri by Hafsa Khawaja)

Don’t you just hate all the new ‘analysts’ and ‘experts’ on Pakistani Affairs that have popped up [ Or as I say, pooped up ] in recent years? Yeah, I do too.

So only a day back, this ‘Assistant Professor of South Asian pol-mil affairs at Georgetown’ Christine Fair began to comment through her tweets on the NATO Raid that martyred 28 soldiers of ours and began engaging in arguments with the Pakistani Twitterati.

Main Christine tay ay mera nika pra!

Basically, she had just read the PTA Banned List and went all hochi to have heard about those galiyaan and very eager to use them – some Amreekan goray; just so shoday.

Then she tweeted about the attack, in the exact tone of a #495 [ Refer to Urdu List ]:

Clearly, only she has the right to howl as an ode to her identity, which she proudly displays in her picture. But..

IRONY: Americans howl about their dead soldiers in Afghanistan when they’ve killed thousands of Iraqis and Afghans!

Sure, America is very understanding and wouldn’t howl if Pakistan killed their 28 soldiers.
But hey, Pakistani blood is just cheaper y’know. They can all just die, the remaining just shouldn’t howl while I bark like a female kutta on Twitter.

Plus, only an ‘expert’ #74 [ Urdu List ] would mix the ordinary soldiers of Pakistan with the Establishment or Establishment-supported extremist groups.

Anyway, so this guy just tweet-replied her after another dung-ish tweet of hers, which said Pakistan-created Afghan Taliban have killed thousands in Afghanistan so they have no right to mourn their dead soldiers who SHE DOUBTS were innocent, that Pakistanis too have been killed in thousands by terrorists and the Taliban.

So she tweeted in response:

GASP! Those decieving, lying, clever rascals! The Pakistanis, you know each one of them – the fathers, the labourers, the mothers, the little children whose limbs were strewn on the streets after bomb attacks – ALL of them had a part in creating the Taliban! So hey, they are themselves responsible for their death! AND then the ones who remain alive behind, they show their deaths as if they were innocents! BOMB ‘EM ALL.

Ofcourse, BC Uncle Sam had no role in this. He just impregnated Pakistan along with KSA with this illegitimate bastard child called Terrorism and when the baby got all grown up, he just abandoned them and blamed the nuisance on the mother for nurturing him.

[ I do not deny that ZAB supported Hekmatyar back in the 70s and Zia was the Godfather of this child ( or mother, however you take it ) and that the rulers and Establishment had a major rule in taking forward the shameful legacy of terrorism but America’s role in it, no matter how peripheral, can also not be dismissed ]

It was Pakistan that helped to create the Cold War situation and it was Pakistan that kickstarted the Soviet War in Afghanistan and it was Pakistan that thought of Operation Cyclone.
All Uncle Sam did was sit near the Afghan Border and watch while doing muutarwasirjan.

You know I’m not a big fan of our Establishment and I speak, write vehemently against their actions and pangay-baazian but here, I’d just really like ISI to do something about Christine Fair. I swear. She loves them so much that she ascribes everything that happens to them! Probably, even if its the death of her dog. AKNOWLEDGE YOUR FAN ISI!


I don’t know if she’s been sleeping with Lal Topi Wala Muskhara or something but pinning the unjust generalization of the act of blaming everything negative that happens in Pakistan on RAW/MOSSAD/ CIA as something that all Pakistanis do – is plain wrong.

Also, let us not forget that Pakistan has been behind every gnikcuf thing on Earth. Pakistan is responsible for Global Warming, the ISI clearly did this by sending its agents all over the world to pollute the air by farting too much or something.

Pakistan has been behind all the economic crises, failed NASA Expeditions, international conflicts and not to mention, Gavrilo Princip was an ISI-sponsored assasin thus Pakistan and ISI set off the events that resulted into World War I – even though Pakistan was not even on the map at that time but WTF, he looked PAKISTANI. That proves it.

So coming back, many from the Pakistani Twitterati kept questioning her on her biased tweets in a manifest politer manner and even challenged her views with facts but hey, when the going gets tough, such goray go LTC.

Yup, Christine Fair decided of using her newly-acquired knowledge from the PTA Banned List on two Pakistanis who had merely done what is aforementioned, with this;

Yes, LTC if you challenge my #399-ish [Urdu List] tweets.

And whats with the D at the end? You’re not spelling London so the D is entirely unrequired. It just ends on the N. Aidi ayi tauu zanana Amir Liaquat!

For those who don’t know, LTC means:

But Christine forgot to tweet this :

IRONY: I am a woman, yet I have an L which I want people to climb on. #TweetLikeChristineFair

For a random moment and at the expense of sounding like Shirin Mazari WITHOUT any sense of xenophobia or hate,  let me just say that I absolutely, utterly, completely and unimaginably get annoyed by Non-Desi speaking tooti-phooti Urdu in their own accents. I have no idea why Desi people are so fascinated by that.

And Christine Fair, you don’t need to go all hyper like a bandaria after reading a Desi Abuse list. Its nothing extraordinary nOOb. You are not and can not be a Desi, stop trying because you sound and seem sh*t.

And you should be thankful that the Pakistani Twitterati were sophisticated and tolerant enough to not deluge you with a thousand splendid cuss words in reation to your tweets that had only one tone; vitriolic.

Also, whence debating with someone over their country try to remember that by telling them that they’re uninformed about their land and countering their valid points during a discussion with a vulgar phrase from THEIR language – kindly keep in mind, you make your existence define #451 [ Urdu List ].

We may not be ‘academics’ but we aren’t as low as ones and know our country well enough to the extent that if someone wishes to argue with us about it, we won’t go tell them LTC because our side is weak.

There, my rant ends.

Until then, LTC.

Uh, I meant TTYL.


P.S : All the seemingly-averse things I’ve written about gorayz in this post are supposed to be humour. Unlike an ‘academic’, I nourish no antagonism for any race or people. Only condescending fools like Christopher Hitchens, Tarek Fatah and BChristine Fair bother me. Its people like them that make others go sadistic and they get happy that their country has nukes and these UlooChs’ fear them! [ Okay, maybe its just me ]

Waise jistran meri rondi boothi hamesha raendi ae, lagda ae ouday uper e LTC likhaya hoya ae!

P.S #2: Keep your BS view to yourself if you think that mourning the deaths of the soldiers translates into being an Establishment-apologist. I along with many, have mourned the murdered-at-the-hands-of-the-Establishment/Backed-Extremists Hazara, Baloch, Tooris and we mourn the soldiers today.

You are either human or you sympathise and grieve on the basis of caste/creed/race/religion/sect/profession.

Although yes, one would like the same reaction when they [Hazara, Baloch, Tooris etc] are slaughtered.

(The writer tweets @Hafsa_Khawaja and maintain blogs on Le Pakistan Potpourri )

More Provinces?

More provinces do not mean division of country as people are arguing. Centralization or resource accumulation which unfortunately started from Ghulam Muhammad, Ayub Khan to date is still continuing. We often bring Islamic causes too for support of centralization. Look in Caliphate too specially the case of many Arab conquests when Arabs were trying (either to get by force or by buying land), it was normally prohibited and was established that “land belong to the person who grows on it”.  So we can’t follow this central focused approach. Every country is moving towards more autonomy, India had 6 or 7 provinces now it has around 30. The point is if one’s cause is with sincere principles there is no wrong with division of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, we already have these nationalist belonging from many regions or race even before the division of provinces was brought in table like Punjabi, Balochi, Pathan, Sindhi, Siraiki, Brohi, Makrani, Muhajir, Kashmiri etc. what if we have more. I guess no issue with that. Promotion of different diversities of any country like we currently are showing is something healthy & makes one proud. After creation of provinces people (specially neglected and oppressed) have chance of feeling more secure about their cultural identity or if they didn’t had identity & were given by creating provinces on administrative basis it will give the importance to them.

The only result from neglecting rich cultural diversity as it happened after one unit, than one province domination and lack of provincial autonomy, only created more differences as it happened & still happening in Balochistan & Sindh. This separate cultural diversification is sign of healthy society just imagine like Siraikis are not normally encompassed completely in any Punjab cultural event, same is for Hazarawaal. So if Government or authorities with sincerity do it for two main purposes either to uplift the neglected population, administratively or if some particular section of society is totally ignored in past & need separate identity for cultural diversification at national level it will be blessing for nation not a curse. Just to quote India that Cultural diversification which they obtained by dividing & forming provinces both on admin & identity basis in year’s weather with cost of blood or on peaceful basis resulted in more unification of Indian Nation. Seeing it in this perspective, we don’t need to worry about it. One thing which is important and must be addressed is the government must also take into confidence those people whose province is to be divided; their issues and feelings must be resolved. We are not suppose to open another door for some future controversy over their mindset which is against formation of another province.

Keeping in view that one of the cause of 1971 dilemma was same thing i.e. suppression of Bengali identity (due to one unit), accumulation of wealth in one part of country, less job representations (which unfortunately is still we have in the form of quota systems which after Provincial autonomy should be on equal basis). However moving forward this provincial formation should not be only focused in Punjab rather it should be also followed and discussed on floors of other provincial assemblies too, but with time & learning from the experience gained from the first such new provincial setup. How? weather through referendum or through discussions in parliament between selected members it’s up to government to decide. There may be no harm if we consider both at identity & administrative factors at same time or separately the main factor is sincerity to uplift any section of society with true faith.

(Wrote this actually few months in August 2011)

(Cross posted from Pak Tea House. )

Over the past 7 months I have desperately tried to get some enlightened politician or political party to adopt these two pieces of legislation but without any credible response. Therefore I am bringing this to the public at large. If anyone can put them to good use, please use them by all means -YLH



An Act to provide for the establishment of tribunals to exercise jurisdiction in respect of matters relating to Minority grievances and to amend the Pakistan Penal Code to introduce new punishable offences.

Whereas Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, on several occasions laid down that no civilized government can be unmindful of the concerns of its citizens that belong to a minority community and that the religious beliefs, lives and properties of minorities should be fully protected to allay their fears and to enable them to play their rightful role as equal citizens of Pakistan;

Whereas in view of prevailing circumstances, it is necessary to provide relief and protection to Minorities against misuse to prevent their exploitation;

Whereas the objective of this Act is to provide Minorities a sense of security and religious, cultural and social freedom in conformity with the stated objectives of the Constitution; and whereas it is expedient further to establish a tribunal for protection of Minorities’ rights and to safeguard their lives, properties and religious beliefs.

It is hereby enacted as follows:-

  1.       Short title, extent, commencement and applications:-    (1)     This   Act may be called the Pakistan Redressal of Minorities’ Grievances Act, 2011.

(2)               It applies throughout Pakistan.

(3)               It shall come into force at once.

2.         Definitions:-   (1)      In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:-

(a)        “Act” means the Pakistan Redressal Of Minorities’ Grievances Act, 2011


(b)               “Federal Government” means Government of the Pakistan;

(c)                “Tribunal” means the Minorities’ Protection Tribunal;

(d)              “Bench” means a bench of the Tribunal comprising the Chairperson and at least one other Member;

(e)               “Chairperson” means chairperson of the Tribunal;

(f)                 “Member” means member of the Tribunal;

(g)               “Minority” includes all religious minorities living in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, inter alia, Christians, Ahmadis whether of Qadiani or Lahori group, Hindus, Bahais, Sikhs, Parsis, any other group that identifies itself as a minority community or a group that the Federal Government deems to be a religious minority in Pakistan;

(h)               “Section “ means a section of the Act;

(i)                 “Service of Pakistan” shall have the same meaning as defined in clause (1) of Article 260 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

3.         The following clause 295-D is, hereby, added to the Pakistan Penal Code:

295-AA:  Malicious Attacks on Minorities’ Religious Beliefs

“Any Muslim citizen of Pakistan, with deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of any Minority community, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, or with fine, or with both.”


4. Tribunals:-            (1)        The Prime Minister may by notification in the official Gazette, establish one or more Minorities’  Tribunals in Pakistan and where there are established more than one Tribunal, the Federal Government shall specify in the notification the territorial limits within which, each such Tribunal shall exercise jurisdiction under this Act.

(2)        A Tribunal shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all civil and criminal cases and disputes pertaining to religious freedom, discrimination on religious grounds, harassment on religious grounds or injustices in Pakistan under the laws of Pakistan wherein one or more members of Minority communities are subjected.

(3)                           Subject to the Constitution, a Tribunal may, if it is satisfied that no other adequate remedy is provided by law,

(a)        on the application of any aggrieved party, make an order;

(i)        directing a person performing, within the legal jurisdiction of the Tribunal, functions in connection with the affairs of the Federation, a Province or a local authority, to refrain from doing anything he is not permitted by law to do, or to do anything he is required by law to do; or

(ii)       declaring that any act done or proceeding taken within the legal jurisdiction of the Tribunal, by a person performing functions in connection with the affairs of the Federation, a Province or a local authority, has been done or taken without lawful authority and is of no legal effect; or

(b)               on the application of any aggrieved person, or its own make an order giving such directions to any person or authority, including any government exercising any power or performing any function in, or in relation to legal jurisdiction of the Tribunal as may be appropriate for the enforcement of any of the Fundamental Rights conferred by the Constitution.

(4)        A Tribunal shall consist of-

(a)        a Chairperson, who  [ is, or] has been, qualified to be judge of a High Court; and

(b)      such number of members [ not less than three] with such qualifications as may be prescribed for the judge of a High Court at least two of whom shall be from a minority community.


(5)        The term of office of the Chairperson and members shall not exceed three years. Provided that the Federal GovernmentFederal Government may extend the term of office of the Chairperson or any Member for such period, not exceeding three years, as it may deem fit.

(6)        The Chairperson or Member may resign his office by writing under his hand addressed to the Prime Minister.

5.         Benches of the Tribunal:-        (1)        The powers and functions of a Tribunal may be exercised or performed by Benches consisting of not less than two members of Tribunal, including the Chairperson, constituted by the Chairperson.

(2)        If the members of a bench differ in opinion as to the decision to be given on any point:-

(a)               the point shall be decided according to the opinion of the majority;

(b)               if the members are equally divided and the Chairperson of the Tribunal is not himself a member of the bench, the case shall be referred to the Chairperson and the decision of the Tribunal shall be expressed in terms of the opinion of the Chairperson; and

(c)                if the members are equally divided and the Chairperson of the Tribunal is himself a member of the bench, the opinion of the Chairperson shall prevail and the decision of the Tribunal shall be expressed in terms of the opinion of the Chairperson.

6.         Abatement of suit and other proceedings:- All suits, appeals or applications regarding any matter within the jurisdiction of a Tribunal pending in any court immediately before the commencement of this Act shall abate forthwith:

Provided that any party to such a suit, appeal or application may, within ninety days of the establishment of the appropriate Tribunal, prefer an appeal to it in respect of any such matter which is in issue in such suit, appeal or application.

7.        Rules:- (1) The Federal Government may, if, necessary by notification in the official Gazette make rules for carrying out of the purposes of this Act.


(2)        In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such rules may provide for all or any of the following matters namely:-

(a)        requirements as to the number of members of the Tribunal necessary for hearings before, or order or decision by, a Tribunal or a Bench thereof and

(b)       filling for a specified period any vacancy in the office of the Chairperson or a member of the Tribunal caused by the absence on leave or otherwise of the Chairperson or, as the case may be, a member.

8.         (1)        The permanent seat of a Tribunal shall be at a place which the Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint.

(2)        A Tribunal shall ordinarily hold its sittings at its permanent seat but it may hold its sittings at any other place within its jurisdiction if in its opinion the holding of sittings at such other place will be convenient to the parties to the proceedings before it.

9.         (1)        A Tribunal shall ordinarily observe the same hours as are observed by the offices of the Federal Government.

(2)        A Tribunal shall observe the holidays notified by the Federal Government.

Bill 2:

Anti Incitement Act of 2011

Whereas the state alone is the protector of the principle of the Namoos-e-risalat and religion in the territorial limits of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan;

And whereas intolerance, anarchy and the propensity to resort to violence in the name of religion has become commonplace in Pakistani society;

And whereas it is the state’s responsibility to protect all its citizens and ensure that the principle of innocent till proven guilty is upheld under Pakistani law with particular regard to offences pertaining to religion;

And whereas the state must also secure the fundamental principle that academics and persons involved in bona fide research on religion or other creative expression must be protected as promised by founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah;

Now therefore it is expedient further to amend the Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1860):

The following clause 295-D is, hereby, added to the Pakistan Penal Code:

295-D:  Safety of innocent persons against false and frivolous accusations of blasphemy and other offences against religion:

(1) Anyone making a false or frivolous accusation under any of the sections of 295-B and 295-C, of the Pakistan Penal Code shall be punished in accordance with similar punishments prescribed in the section under which the false or frivolous accusation was made.”

(2) Any advocacy of religious hatred against any person or class of persons that constitutes an incitement to discrimination or violence shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extent to seven years, or with fine or with both.

(3) Any incitement of violence of public in general against any person, or class of persons, whether accused of blasphemy of any kind or not, under the pretext of the Islamic principle of Namoos-e-Rasalat, which is fully protected by 295C of the Pakistan Penal Code, shall be punishable by death or life imprisonment and a fine of five million rupees.

(4) Any attempt to threaten or pressurize by any means a court of competent jurisdiction presiding over a case under 295-B and 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, shall be deemed an act of rebellion against the state ofPakistanand shall be punishable by death or life imprisonment along with a fine of 10 million rupees.

(5) Any incitement to violence in the name of religion of the general public against any person or academic or university professor or teacher involved in bona fide research on science, religion, culture or society shall be punishable by fifteen (15) years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of five million rupees.

(6) Any religious edict or fatwa calling upon the general public to resort to violence against any artist, musician, singer, actor or any other person involved in creative process shall be punishable by seven years rigorous punishment and a fine of three million rupees.”

(YLH Yasser Latif Hamdani is Lawyer by Profession)

Virtual activism with bias!

Karachi Violence

In recent weeks there have been numerous Human Rights violation reports in Balochistan Province against the nationalists and alleged insurgents, whose mutilated bodies were being found in different parts of province. Even after the release these reports these unfortunate events are still coming. In the mean time a massive wave of violence was observed in Karachi, where more than 300 people died in few weeks, dozens of bodies separated with head were found. Majority of those died belonged to Muhajir community especially from Orangi Town of Karachi, at the same time there were also unfortunate killings of other ethnicities like Punjabis, Pashtuns and Baloch.

As this fiasco was going on and people were being killed and butchered like animals. The butchering of Human values and Rights were also being done by the so called right activists or just activists. In fact it would not be wrong to say that such activists felt violence only when violence fell to the community they belonged to or they are inclined to. They were not only silence on the killings of others but rather busy in debating for long hours like Pashtuns are more victims than Muhajirs, Baloch more victim than Sindhis or vice versa. No one including the so called representatives of Human Rights Watch (HRW) or Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) etc. had any concerns in the killings. I had an exchange of Tweets with one of them where I gave my concern regarding a tweet to condemn every party involve and don’t exclude any militant factions or biasness specially those who are known in the recent violence like the so called Peoples Aman Committee (PAC) or their opponents from other parties. The representative however agreed with me on this gave the condemnation on all. As I said now some circles kept on counting the dead bodies as their own, without knowing the ground realities claiming that the ethnicities of dead bodies. Few belonging to oppressed communities, who themselves are victims of the such killings & were supposed to be condemning these events as whole more than any other blind had same approach of body counting and limited condemnation.

The worst was the case of those who were laughing and making fun at the time when death was dancing on the streets of Karachi. Such people mostly were giving it resemblance to retaliatory killings or had point that they deserved to be killed or making fun of dead bodies.

Balochistan Killings of Non-baloch

As much as the unfortunate killings of Baloch are condemnable and need to be stopped a similar approach is also required for those people being killed in Balochistan who are of different ethnicity. Mostly the labour community of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) or those Baloch who are employees of Government entities fell as targets of insurgents. A similar attitude observed in case of Karachi violence is also observed here too. Mostly such supporters and activists first hail the unfortunate killings by mentioning them as spies or traitors. Discussing for hours on why & how they were being killed. Condemnation or even condemning may be followed by some harsh tweets. Thousands of people belonging to other provinces have already fled Quetta and other major cities of Balochistan selling the properties they made in years due to this violence. Many more are continuing, the worst are being faced by those who are coming to Karachi or some sensitive KPK or FATA districts. It’s like death is following them where ever they go.

The same goes to the recent target killings of Hazara Shia Community where not only the Government, security agencies & Army is failing to give protections to the Hazaras but there were such people too who are of the view that the incidents are given too much attention or Hazaras Shias giving oversensitive touch to such killings because they want their Australian Immigration case. Hazaras is one of the only community from Balochistan who most of time in any crisis remained non-partisan. They are the biggest recruits for the Government jobs like Teachers, Provincial Ministries, Army etc. due to their high education ratio in the province. Yet the Government is failing to give them security and help. Even in the recent visits of high profiles from Islamabad like PM Gillani himself and Interior Minister Abdul Rahman Malik, non of them even had courtesy to visit any of the victim community from Hazara or those Baloch vicitims whose closed ones have been either been killed by state led operation & had been crying now for years for their missing closed.

At this same time even I find many of my friends who belonged to different provinces like Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan who I believe felt in the same way like I did. In short “a dead person when he or she dies when we burry him takes no ethnicity”. As it is said by Prophet Muhammad PBUH “A killing of human being is killing of humanity”. These killings are not only needed to be condemned as whole, rather the selective biasness we do in condemning leads to more racism and hatred which may further leads to extreme acts of violence. In end I pray that God give us restrain from biasness & barbarism and give us courage to help and speak for all the oppressed people.


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