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Dear Bahria Town official give some plots to Talat Hussain, too much jealousy is surrounding him.

Dear Talat Hussain stop telling people that Sraford is Media company rather it is Global Intelligence Company sharing data with CIA and other Intelligence agencies headed by person who was also involved in investigation of Israel’s President assassination (I am not challenging him of his job :-)) and Ossama Bin Ladin where abouts, (BTW its representative from Pakistan (couple of names are given including yours) also claimed that 13 main officials of Pakistan know where about of OBL)

Dear People living in Bahria Town people who are living there don’t stay calm, watch carefully while you pay your next service charges because now you may also have load shedding…

Dear regulators and law makers for God sake regulate the Real state sector (even NGOs), stop registering Housing societies on about century old Societies Act of 1860 or as Companies Ordinance 1985 instead form more accountable or public transparent law if not use the same formula used in 1985 by Zia Copy and paste UK Companies Act of 1985 but without deleting the clauses effecting the elites.

Dear Bahria Town management specially Malik Riaz, please spend some of the advance money on the neglected projects of Awami Villas and other projects for poor it is more sacred then your daily “Dastarkhoan” for poors.

Dear Malik Riaz also stop adding the advance money you received from customer on your net worth, this is the only reason you were not picked up by Forbes Magazine. Also stop dreaming of controlling the powers like Rothchilds, they were jews who had no home, you have your own home where many of your coming “Malaks” generation can enjoy, beleive me you can enjoy more because people do admire you on your projects.

Dear Chief Justice you already did too much jokes on missing people, now Arsalan’s another uncle Justice Javed Iqbal is doing same, so use your judicial powers to reach the matter instead of getting emotional and tensed on Arsalan “Putar” Case.

Dear Justice Javed Iqbal banday da putar bun ya phir “nai” bun don’t do sarcastic jokes on dead people or at-least stay quiet.

Dear COAS sb only one sentence “Live a life like soldier and tell your Pals in ISI too i.e. defending Country from threats, not threatening its common Public”

I think its enough of ruling if someone has to give!

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So here we have the very new and very vibrant young new comers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who will for sure bring change, justice, equality in the society. So please before you pass on any blasephaemous comments on His Highness Imran Khan or his other colleges from (old days) remember the below brief profile of members of PTI (previously members of other clean parties).

1 Abdul Rasheed Bhatti Lahore PPPP Ex. MPA Raiwind PP-161 .
2 Arbab Dost Muhammad Khan Pershawar PPPP Cousin of Communication . . Minister Arbab Alamgir Khan (PPPP)
3 Asghar Khan Khalil Peshawar PPPP Brother of Yasin Khan Khalil
4 Barrister Mansoor Sarwar Narowal PMLN Son of MNA Ch. Sarwar Khan, . . . PMLN
5 Brigadiar Rahat Amanullah Bhatti, Mureed K. PPPP Ex-Ticket Holder PP-. . 162
6 Capt. (R) Nisar Akber Khan Faisalabad PPPP Ex MNA NA-82
7 Capt. Javaid Haripur (Cousin of Gohar Ayub)
8 Chaudhry Ishfaq Taj Shakargarh PMLN Ex-MNA
9 Chaudhry Shahid Akram Bhinder Gujranwala PMLQ Former Federal . . Minister for Law & Justice, MNA (2002);
10 Commander (R) A. Qayyum Khan Attock PMLN Ex Ticket Holder
11 Dilawar Shah Roghani Peshawar Husband of Ex Provincial Health Minister, . . . Mrs. Mehr Taj Roghani
12 Dr Mehr Taj Roghani Peshawar Ex. Provincial Health . Minister (from 2002-2008)
13 Faiz Ullah Khan Kamoka Faisalabad PPPP Nazim Faisalabad
PP-68 . . . . . 19417
14 Farooq Amjad Meer Lahore PMLN Ex MNA, Lahore Naib Nazim NA-127
15 Hamid Sarwar Lahore PMLN Ex Nazim, General Secretary District Lahore . . . PMLN
16 Hassan Abdal Attock PMLN Ex. President PMLN District Attock
17 Ifthikar Ahmed Soomro Shikarpur PPPP Ex. MPA (85-88) Brother of Elahi B. Soomro ( Ex Federal Minister & Speaker NA) PS-10
18 Iftikhar Hussain Karachi PPPP Contested NA-239 in 2002 Elections . NA-239
19 Major (R) Javed Nasrullah FErozwala Ex Tehsil Nazim
20 Malik Sohail Khan Kamrial Attock PMLN / RUNNER UP 2002 NA-
21 Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar Lahore PPPP NA-128
22 Masood Ahmed Bhatti Kasur Yaqoob Sethi Votes in 2008 PP-175 23 Mehmood Jan Khan Peshawar PMLQ Ex Ticket Holder PF-7
24 Mian Muhammad Azhar Lahore PMLQ Ex MNA, Ex.Governor of . . . . Punjab, Ex Mayor Lahore, Ex President PMLQ.
25 Mr. Ashfaq Tarar Gujranwala Nephew of Ex. President, Mr. Rafiq . . . Tarar.
26 Muhammad Mazhar Saeed Nankana Sahib (NA-135, PP-171 District . . . . . . . Nankana Sahib) NA-135
27 Muhammad Shawaiz Khan Attock PMLN Ex. Tehsil Nazim
28 Nadeem Abbas Gujrat PMLN Ex Ticket Holder for Provincial Assembly . . . . (2002) PP-111
29 Naseer Khan Charsadda Ex-MPA, KPK
30 Nawabzada Umar Farooq Hoti Mardan ANP Son of Mr. Nawabzada . . . . Khwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti, MNA ANP
31 Nayyab Hayat Babar Nowshera PPPP Nephew of Ex. Interior Minister, Major . General Naseerullah Babar
32 Noor Muhammad Bhabha Vehari PPPP MNA / Contested PP-238 in 2008,
33 Qurban Ali Khan Nowshera PPPP Ex-MPA (2002), Runner up in 2008 with . . . 7753 Votes (ANP’s Pervez Ahmed 9531) PF-16 8691
34 Rai Aziz Ullah Khan Sahiwal PMLQ Ex MNA NA-162
35 Raja Nadir Pervaiz Faisalabad PMLN Ex MNA NA-85
36 Sardar Aqil Umer Lahore PMLQ Ex Ticket Holder (2008) NA- . .
37 Sardar Arif Rasheed Lahore PML Ex MPA, Ticket holder on NA- PMLQ NA-129
38 Sardar Kamil Umer Lahore PMLN Ex Ticket Holder NA-128
39 Sardar Muhammad Ali Attock PMLQ Ex. MPA, PMLQ (2002) . PP-17 41770
40 Sardar Mumtaz Khan Basal Attock PMLN , Ex. Ticket Holder PMLN (2008)
41 Shahbaz Kisana Faisalabad PMLN Ex Ticket Holder and Activist NA-71
42 Shahzada Nisar Ahmad Jilani Chitral PPPP PPP candidate for MPA, . . . District Chitral PF-90
43 Sheikh Mian Abdul Ghaffar Lahore PMLN Ex Chairman Town Committee, . . Raiwind.
44 Shakir Zareen Gul District Mansehra PPPP Nephew of Ex-MNA Zargul . . Khan
45 Syed Ejaz Hussain Bukhari Attock MMA Ex. MPA, PML and secured 24808 against PPPP’s 30875 PP-15 .
46 Zafarullah Marwat, Laki Marwat PMLN Ex-MPA PF-47 Zar Gul Khan Mansehra NDF Ex-MPA, NDF PF-58 7
48 Zareen Gul Charsadda NDF Ex-MPA, NDF
49 Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed (Jamat Isalami to PTI then to PML Q then again PTI land mafia in Lahore)
50 Ijaz Ch (Ex Myar Lahore defaulter of billion kicked from JI on corruption),
51 Aijaz Jazi (PML N, PML Q, , jua addas and wine supplier in RWP
52 Shah mahmood Quraishi,
53 Azam Swati
54 Khursheed kasuri (musharraf’s player)
55 Nawabzada Aurangzeb Hoti, a drug smuggler who served 3yr jail
56 Jamal Leghari ex-Senator PMLQ
57 Awais Leghari ex-MNA PMLQ
58 JehangirTareen ex-MNA PMLQ
59 Ghulam Sarwar Khan ex-MNA PMLQ
60 Dr GG Jamal ex-MNA PMLQ
61 Sikander Khan Bosan ex-MNA PMLQ
62 Ghulam Sarwar Cheema ex-MNA PMLQ
63 Ishaaq Khan Khakwani ex-MNA PMLQ
64 Senator Sadia Abbasi ex-Senator PMLQ
65 Shabbir Jokhio Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) leader from Memon Goth in Gadap Town

I obtained this from couple of people in facebook page dialogue. But still Please add some new comers in comments so it can be updated and revolution can move a head with updated status!

Also enjoy and don’t miss the upcoming “revolution” promo.

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More provinces do not mean division of country as people are arguing. Centralization or resource accumulation which unfortunately started from Ghulam Muhammad, Ayub Khan to date is still continuing. We often bring Islamic causes too for support of centralization. Look in Caliphate too specially the case of many Arab conquests when Arabs were trying (either to get by force or by buying land), it was normally prohibited and was established that “land belong to the person who grows on it”.  So we can’t follow this central focused approach. Every country is moving towards more autonomy, India had 6 or 7 provinces now it has around 30. The point is if one’s cause is with sincere principles there is no wrong with division of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, we already have these nationalist belonging from many regions or race even before the division of provinces was brought in table like Punjabi, Balochi, Pathan, Sindhi, Siraiki, Brohi, Makrani, Muhajir, Kashmiri etc. what if we have more. I guess no issue with that. Promotion of different diversities of any country like we currently are showing is something healthy & makes one proud. After creation of provinces people (specially neglected and oppressed) have chance of feeling more secure about their cultural identity or if they didn’t had identity & were given by creating provinces on administrative basis it will give the importance to them.

The only result from neglecting rich cultural diversity as it happened after one unit, than one province domination and lack of provincial autonomy, only created more differences as it happened & still happening in Balochistan & Sindh. This separate cultural diversification is sign of healthy society just imagine like Siraikis are not normally encompassed completely in any Punjab cultural event, same is for Hazarawaal. So if Government or authorities with sincerity do it for two main purposes either to uplift the neglected population, administratively or if some particular section of society is totally ignored in past & need separate identity for cultural diversification at national level it will be blessing for nation not a curse. Just to quote India that Cultural diversification which they obtained by dividing & forming provinces both on admin & identity basis in year’s weather with cost of blood or on peaceful basis resulted in more unification of Indian Nation. Seeing it in this perspective, we don’t need to worry about it. One thing which is important and must be addressed is the government must also take into confidence those people whose province is to be divided; their issues and feelings must be resolved. We are not suppose to open another door for some future controversy over their mindset which is against formation of another province.

Keeping in view that one of the cause of 1971 dilemma was same thing i.e. suppression of Bengali identity (due to one unit), accumulation of wealth in one part of country, less job representations (which unfortunately is still we have in the form of quota systems which after Provincial autonomy should be on equal basis). However moving forward this provincial formation should not be only focused in Punjab rather it should be also followed and discussed on floors of other provincial assemblies too, but with time & learning from the experience gained from the first such new provincial setup. How? weather through referendum or through discussions in parliament between selected members it’s up to government to decide. There may be no harm if we consider both at identity & administrative factors at same time or separately the main factor is sincerity to uplift any section of society with true faith.

(Wrote this actually few months in August 2011)

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In this hour when major portion our nation is devastated by floods & dengue virus, a question to all us, politicians, business community etc. do we need to discuss so much of politics now? For me the answer is no! We have a lot of time in coming weeks or months to discuss Zulfiqar Mirza and Altaf Hussain, we have too much time to discuss judiciary and Army, and we have much more time to discuss PPP, ANP, MQM, PTI and Government performance. Similarly Imran Khan with his dharnas programs in NWFP, or Prime Minister is talking of Saraiki province in Multan, can they take off some time from their schedule and try to live and sleep among the flood victims or visit patients affected by dengue virus? Can they please assure the nation what steps have been taken and what steps they will take after these calamities? If not than they need to; Just Shut Up! For them my advice don’t show your face on tv channels with long political discussions which leads to further discussions among the whole nation. Similarly will those nationalists from Sindh be able to tell their people what they are doing in ground except for dancing and blocking the highways (on release of Bashir Qureshi) which is only route for relief goods?

Another humble request to the hosts of talk shows is please don’t do talk shows on those matters for the time being, I guarantee that your rating would not be affected if you don’t take call from Zulfiqar Mirza and then take a rebuttal from the opposite side. The show will go on! I assure you. Or else you ‘media hosts’ just take your time off, get some of your vacation salaries en-cashed and take a trip to southern France or else just do some programs with and for those people affected by these calamities. It would be height of generosity from you to give one month salaries as donation to those organizations working for these people. Why always the salaried person have to bear it why not from you or from politicians (I,ll exclude and appreciate MQM MPAs and MNAs or who already did this). And for you Government the salaried persons are one of the victims of these floods or in some cases facing death due to dengue virus. The bureaucratic mismanagement of  National Disaster Management Authority is still not releasing the Rs. 5 billion for immediate relief efforts

Many people are wondering how they can help either monetarily or as volunteer, there are many organizations that are doing much work on ground and I am going to include all of them and will tell that help everyone who is on the ground.  Falah-e-Insaniyat a banned outlet is more active than a politician who claimed to be representative from Badin. Not only in Badin but reportedly many other parts. But in this hour will people who are in desperate need for food, shelter will stop getting their help? I guess not. Our only concern should be to help the victims, for the sake of God or for politics it’s our own choice. We are already doing politics in their name and using their misery in which none of the victims are interested. To date approximately 60,000 people have been saved by Army soldiers by boats and other means from extreme flood stricken areas. Many relief shelters and medical camps are also being setup by Army.So now I’ll list some of the organizations which are working on ground with their details, if you can help by becoming volunteer than join them or if you can do it by giving donation than do it. Special request is for those Overseas Pakistanis who can help a lot by giving US $ 100 a day or a week for next few weeks or a month, because your this US $ 100 bill would be enough for a family for weeks, which you may spent on 3 lavish meals. So do it online or through your sources in Pakistan, but please do it.

If you have soft corner for one organization than help that one or else (if you can afford) than divide your donation and give them to all. Please continue helping them for coming days too, as much work is needed. For those who don’t have paypal account they can make free of cost by entering the credit card details. I have given the local contacts of most of them or else you can also get them from their websites.

Name, Details (account numbers, web links etc.)

1.        Abdul Satar Edhi Foundation
http://www.edhifoundation.com/contact.aspLocal Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. : Islamabad, Camp office, I-8 | Karachi, Near Merewether Tower, Kharadar, Karachi. Phone: +92 (21) 2201261-62 Fax: +92 (21) 2313434 | Accounts detail: ASKARI BANK, BANK NAME: ASKARI BANK, BRANCH NAME:  JODIA BAZAR BRANCH, BRANCH CODE: 0023, SWIFT CODE:  ASCMPKKA, ADDRESS:  JODIA BAZAR NEAR ACCHI QABAR KARACHI PAKISTAN, TELEPHONE: ++92 21 32471224, PKR RUPEE ACCOUNT NO:  011650011-4, DOLLARS ACCOUNT NO:   230213000836, edhikarachi@hotmail.com
2.        Pakistan Red Crescent Society
http://www.prcs.org.pk/help.aspFurther instructions: SMS to 4611 & donate RS 10 per SMS 2 Pakistan Red Crescent Society. For cheques make cheque or items, make cheque in name of ‘Pakistan Red Crescent Society’ and deliver or post in the addresses mentioned in above link.
3.        Islamic Relief
http://donations.islamic-relief.com/donate/t_signin.aspPaypal/ Credit card online
Further instructions: Please signup for online donation than after that select ‘Pakistan Floods Appeal 2011’ from current emergencies and make donation
Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. : House No. 85, Street 59, F-11/4 Islamabad, Pakistan | Askari Commercial Bank – F-10 Markaz Branch, Islamabad, Account No. 26-01-010-1536-3, Swift Code: ASCMPKKA, rabia.ajaib@irp.org.pk, http://www.irp.org.pk http://www.islamic-relief.com/Donations/online_donations.aspx
4.        SA Relief
http://www.sarelief.com/donate/Paypal/ Credit card online
Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc.: via Bank Al Habib
Account#: 1078-0081-001670-01-4
Branch Code: 1078
Contact Person: Faisal Kapadia (pkfloods@sarelief.com)
5.        Hidaya Foundation
http://hidaya.org/donation-page/online-donation-using-check-or-credit-card/Paypal/ Credit card online
6.        Muslim Welfare Centre
https://muslimwelfarecentre.com/donation-online.phpPaypal/ Credit card online
Further instructions: Select ‘Flood releif fund for Pakistan’ from drop down menu in ‘Donation Programs’
Muslim Welfare School
in Pakistan
(Support A Child Program)
167 Arafat Town, Block-L,
N-Nazimbad, Karachi,
Tel: 011-9221-6627430
7.        Muslim Hands
http://www.muslimhands.org/en/gb/donate/online_donation/Paypal/ Credit card online
Further instructions: Please select ‘Pakistan Floods Appeal’ from drop down menu from ‘to be spent’
8.        Nishat Welfare Organization
http://nishatwelfare.org/joinus.phpLocal Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. : B-47, Block 2, Phase I, Qasimabad, Hyderabad-71000 – Pakistan, Account Number: A/C# 01031418    —    Branch Code: 536
Acount Title: Nishat Welfare Organization (NWO)
Bank: UBL, Quaid-Azam Road, Branch Hyderabad.
Swift Code: UNILPKKA
http://www.kkfpk.com/Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. : KHIDMAT-E-KHALQ FOUNDATION (KKF)
ST-7, Block-14, Federal B Area, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: ++92 21 6333811 – Fax: ++92 21 632383,  Account Title: KKF Account No: 3650-0, Bank: Allied Bank of Pakistan Ltd., (Address: Dastagir Colony Branch, Federal B Area, Karachi)
10.     Society for the Unwell and Needy (SUN)
http://www.suncharity.org/flood2010.aspxBarclays Bank Plc.
Account Number: 20936316
Sort Code: 20-29-37
11.     Imran Khan Flood relief
www.imrankhanfoundation.orgPaypal/ Credit card online
Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. :Imran Khan Flood relief, Imran Khan Foundation Secretariat, 2 – Zaman Park, Lahore, Ph: +92-42-35752377, Fax: +92-42-35776423, Contact Person: Abid Hussain, Director Marketing & Resource Development | Accounts detail: Bank Name: Habib Bank Ltd., Account Title: Imran Khan Flood Relief, Account Number: 0602-79007997-03, Swift Code: HABBPKKA, Branch Name: CDA Civic Centre Branch, Islamabad, Branch Code: 0602,
12.     Imran Khan Flood relief
www.imrankhanfoundation.orgPaypal/ Credit card online
Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. :Imran Khan Flood relief, Imran Khan Foundation Secretariat, 2 – Zaman Park, Lahore, Ph: +92-42-35752377, Fax: +92-42-35776423, Contact Person: Abid Hussain, Director Marketing & Resource Development | Accounts detail: Bank Name: Habib Bank Ltd., Account Title: Imran Khan Flood Relief, Account Number: 0602-79007997-03, Swift Code: HABBPKKA, Branch Name: CDA Civic Centre Branch, Islamabad, Branch Code: 0602,
13.     Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation
https://ecxs.biz/eps/jsp/Siut/charity.jspPaypal/ Credit card online
14.     Muslim Charity
https://www.justgiving.com/donation/sponsor?process=2&queryId=cABhAGcAZQA9ADIANwAyADIANAA1ADIAPaypal/ Credit card online
Active in other activities of building houses and safe drinking water in Balochistan and Souther Punjab
Muslim Charity, Eaton Hall, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0PR, [Tel] +44 (0) 1777 702 555, [Web] http://www.muslimcharity.org.uk, [Email] JP@muslimcharity.org.uk | Accounts details: Bank: United Bank Ltd. (District Courts Branch, Jhang Sadar, Pakistan), Account Name: Muslim Charity, Account Number: 01155208, Branch Code: 1601, SWIFT Code: UNILPKKA.
15.     Sind Flood Relief Fund
Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. :NBP A/C: PLS-A/C No 6720-5
Sind Secretariat Br, Karachi
16.     PIA
http://www.piac.com.pk/Flood_Relief/2011/index.htmFurther instructions: Individual items as per list described in link
www.al-khidmatfoundation.orgLocal Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. : Al-Khidmat Teaching Hospital Mansoorah, Multan Road , Lahore – Pakistan, Phone No: +92 (0) 42 3543 3038, Fax: + 92 (0) 42 3543 2703. | Accounts details: Swift Code: SONEPKKALHR, Bank Name: Soneri Bank Limited, Branch: Main Branch, Branch Code: 001, Bank Address: 87 – Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Lahore – Pakistan, US $ Account No. : 02180030740, Pak rupees Account No. 02011459382.  info@al-khidmatfoundation.org18.     Rotary Club of Karachi Charitable Trust
Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. :  Standard Chartered Bank NY USA
ABA No 026002561, SWIFT Code SCBLUS – 33XXX  for credit to
Bank Al Habib Ltd Account No: 3582035242001 for further credit to
BAHLPKKAKHI for ultimate credit to
Rotary Club of Karachi Charitable Trust
Account No: 1001-0081-168218-01-7
Note: Please send an email to rotarykhi@gmail.com with the donation details so we may check with the bank and send you a receipt / accounts / pictures for your record. We can also provide you a Certificate for Income Tax exemption for use in Pakistan.
19.     Karachi Relief Trust
http://www.karachirelief.org/donation.phpLocal Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. : in favor of Karachi Relief Trust
You can also deposit donations directly to our account:
Title: Karachi Relief Trust
AC#: 0786-79007283-03
Bank: Habib Bank Ltd.
Address: Corporate Center, 2 HBL Plaza, I I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
For those making payments from abroad:
http://beenasarwar.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/sindh-flood-appeal-indus-foundation-trust/Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. :If you have goods to deliver, please bring them to the collection point at 49 Old Clifton, Karachi. Phones 00 92 21 35834663/4   Fax: 00 92 21 35837201. Anis Memon will give you a receipt.
Tariq Sheikh can be contacted for coordination queries or supply needs.
FCY Acct Tameer Bank in HBM 20310-333-400598 for onward credit to Acc no: 151006003997001 Habib Metropolitan Bank
Main Branch Swift Code MPBLPKKA001
USD Correspondent Habib American Bank
Swift Code HANYUS33
21.     Pakistan Medical Association (PMA)
http://beenasarwar.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/floods-in-sindh-please-help-pma-to-help-the-affected/Local Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. :Donate items, or give a cheque in favour of “PMA” – send to: PMA House, Garden Road, Karachi, Pakistan; Phone (+92-21)-3223-1534 and (+92-21) 21-3225-1159
22.     UNHCR
http://www.unhcr.org/pages/4a140a6a6.htmlPaypal/ Credit card online
Further instructions: Please select “Pakistan flood emergency releif” from drop down menu of “where I like my contribution to go to:”
23.     Life Bridge US Corp
http://apps.facebook.com/fundrazr/activity/0ae41db7cafa47bfa3030592faaca966Paypal/ Credit card online
24.     Sungi Development Foundation
http://sungi.org/donations_account_details.htmlLocal Pakistani residents through Cheques/items etc. : Rupee Account:
Sungi Development Foundation,
Account No. 21631-9
Branch Code 0585
Online transfer code:   058502010216319
MCB Star Branch, Abbottabad,
US $ account:
Sungi Development Foundation,
Account No. 412-2
Branch Code 0585
Online transfer code:  058512020004122
MCB Star Branch, Abbottabad,
Swift Code: MUCBPKKA
25.     UNICEF: Pakistan Flood Children’s Appeal
http://www.unicef.org.au/Donate/One-off-Donation/Pakistan-Flood-Children-s-Appeal.aspxhttps://secure.unicefusa.org/site/Donation2?df_id=8320&8320.donation=form1Paypal/ Credit card online
26.     Human Concern International
http://humanconcern.org/pakistan-flood.phpPaypal/ Credit card online
27.     British Red Cross
https://www.redcross.org.uk/Donate-Now/Appeals/Single-Giving/Pakistan-Floods-Appeal-2011?amount=18&id=8d5d2d84-a286-48a2-b33b-3c725334e124&single=1Paypal/ Credit card online
28.     Red Cross Canada
Further instructions: Canadian wireless subscribers: Text “REDCROSS” to 30333 to donate $10 to the Canadian Red Cross.
29.     World Vision Canada/ UK
http://www.worldvision.ca/give-a-gift/Pages/floods-in-pakistan.aspx?mc=4194056&gclid=CLWiwtaByaMCFQHW5wodtV89twhttps://www.worldvision.org.uk/server.php?show=nav.3001&giftId=37Paypal/ Credit card online
30.     APPEC- Association of Pakistanis for Promotion of Education & Cooperation (France)
http://www.durabledevelopment.com/appec/donations/Paypal/ Credit card online
31.     Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Germany)
http://www.aktion-deutschland-hilft.de/de/hilfseinsaetze/flut-pakistan/johanniter-ueberschwemmungen-in-pakistan/Further instructions: Charity SMS: Send a SMS with Pakistan to 8 11 90 (For Germany Only)
(€5 plus usual SMS fee of which go to Aktion Deutschland Hilft €4.83)
32.     Oxfam UK
https://donate.oxfam.org.uk/pakistanPaypal/ Credit card online
33.     World Food Program
https://secure.my-websites.org/supporter/donatenow.do?n=gbss&dfdbid=1044253Paypal/ Credit card online
Further instructions: Please select ‘Pakistan’ from the drop down menu of ‘
Please Choose a Region
34.     International Medical Corp
https://internationalmedicalcorps.org/SSLPage.aspx?pid=1645Paypal/ Credit card online
35.     Save the Children: Pakistan Floods Children in Emergency Fund
https://secure.savethechildren.org/site/c.8rKLIXMGIpI4E/b.6238417/k.F5CF/Pakistan_Floods_Children_in_Emergency_Fund/apps/ka/sd/donor.aspPaypal/ Credit card online

For getting updates please attend facebook page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=206982312702480 and for twitter follow hashtage #Pkfloods and #Pkrelief. Individual volunteers and help can be provided to http://blog.momekh.com/pakistan-flood-relief/ and above all Pakistan Youth Alliance is actively involved in providing relief to victims for details and how to support them please follow them on twitter @P_Y_A or for details see their website http://www.pya.org.pk/. Weather and disaster updates can be obtained from http://info4disasters.org/severe-weather/latest-alerts/pakistan/.

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